Friday, September 14, 2012


i'm obsessed.....

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What are your secrets for growing out your hair and keeping it healthy?
I use a leave-in spray conditioner and a heat protectant so to prevent additional damage to my hair. I've also stopped dyeing it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

vanessa mooney jewelry

i recently discovered vanessa mooney's jewelry, 
i love how everything is very tribal, i haven't seen any jewelry design like it! 
i think it is awesome that VM jewelry is made in LA, but is obviously influenced by jewelry styles around the world- tibet, india, mexico, etc.
i also like that while they do have some really expensive pieces, there are also some amazing items under $100 and $50! 
i think im going to have to put away money from each
of my pay checks to start my own VM collection! 

Triton Neckalce

(image via shopplanetblue but sold out there)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Erin Wasson

Of all the people out there, i am the most inspired by Erin Wasson. Not only is she a beautiful model, but she has the most original style. She's not trendy but is always current. If there was one perfect gal out there, I think Erin may be her.....

sorry for the huge post... but hopefully you saw some photos of erin you haven't before! whose style inspires you??

all photos found on tumblr and google

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Boots can be worn all year round. Short boots are great for these hot summer months....

All photos found via tumblr, see more at my tumblr

What do you wear with short boots?

Monday, July 16, 2012

About Me!

Hi, I'm Erin! 

I am so inspired by fashion! When I realized that I was spending a little too much time browsing tumblr, Pinterest, and the many, many blogs I follow... I decided it was actually time for me to start my own blog. I hope that it will be the best way to express my sense of style and what inspires me. 

Here are some facts to describe myself! 
1. I live in Utah. We definitely have four seasons here, so I get to really dress for winter, fall, spring, and summer! 
2. Because I live in Utah, I also love to ski. The outdoors inspires me. I also love camping! 
3. I love being busy. Busy, and organized...! 
4. I am an International Studies and Political Science major. I have two majors, and have had a job all throughout college! Definitely motivated.
5. My favorite companies are Free People, Planet Blue, and Nasty Gal. Not only the clothing, but especially their styling, really inspires what I wear daily. I admire the way these companies have shaped their brands! 
5. I work for Steve Madden Independent Store, and for vitaminwater doing promotional work. 

I named my blog Now or Never because I am all about today. I love the saying, "live every day like it's your last." Give everything your all, and never look back!